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About Us

Quality Translation and Interpretations

Quality, responsiveness, professionalism, and support that only a major business language services provider can supply. We view and appreciate long-term relationships with our clients as an indication that we are providing the service and quality they require.

Heron Language Services provides a simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and translating services in a wide range of languages to convention centers, global corporations, professional associations, hospitals, law firms, courts, and more. Whether it is an international conference, business meeting in a wide range of services you offer, or a visit from a foreign delegation, Heron Language Services can help you communicate in their target language.


Highly Qualified Translators/Interpreters

We use native speaking professional Translators/Interpreters with at least three years experience. This means you can be sure that your translation is being handled by someone who knows the language inside out, as only a native speaker can

Competitive Prices

Keeping our overhead low means that we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

In-Person Interpretations:

Need a language interpreter for your next business meeting or function? Do you have a client that has a Doctors appointment or a deposition? Heron Language Services provides highly professional language translators with impeccable language skills for your next meeting. In-person interpreters are just one of the many language professional translation services offered by Heron Language Services.

Telephone Interpretation:

If you have an important phone call coming up that requires professional translation services, you can count on our language interpreters to provide perfect transcriptions of the conversation. Our staff is comprised from certified language interpreters who offer interpreter services over-the-phone or in person.

We are a full-service translating and interpreting services firm, with a number of specialties.

We are a full-service translating and interpreting services firm, with a number of specialties.


Document Translation:

Our document translation services cover a wide array of document types, including medical documents, patents, resumes, income statements, certificates, business plans, prospectuses, insurance documents, and others. Every project includes a multi-phase quality assurance process. We utilize the latest translation memory tools, promoting consistency across documents and projects. We only use established experts, which allows us to provide you with document translations that meet or exceed the level of the source text.

Translation & Transcription:

Our highly-skilled language translators are experts in translating and transcribing any type of material in almost any language.